A short-term break up doesn't mean perpetually single. 3 ways to help you get out of it.

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I'm 35s this year and have had six failed relationships in the past 15 years. This is the main reason why I gradually lost faith in love. But I still can't give up looking for my soul mate. Fortunately, I met him and he gave me love and warmth -- Owen.

But before I met Owen, I was engaged to another man (not really in love with him). He's also an elite type, but I don't know. I thought it was me -- I didn't realize that a man could make people think he was ready to start a marriage, when in fact he was a different kind of person.

My ex-fiance and I broke up three times. The breakup was the most painful because I thought the date was over. But it also proved to be the most powerful: it was at that moment that I learned how to experience a breakup without closing in, escaping, or hiding. Because of this, I can move faster. Hopefully, you will be able to move forward faster after reading this article.

If you want to heal faster after a breakup and find the love you deserve, here are three things I did right away that made a huge difference to my power:

1. Stop. Breathing. Choice.

It's a time to reflect on yourself and figure out what you need. By taking the time to explore your thoughts, you respect the time you need to heal so you can move on without clinging to the past. Instead of rushing to find someone new, choose the right person for you. Define your goals. Determine what you want to be and whether your partner meets your standards.

Rushing to date means that the next man will inevitably have to deal with your new feelings for your ex, which is not the way to start a new relationship. His job is not to distract you or take away your pain. You want to make sure you're ready to date again by first establishing yourself. Second, the best respect for you and your new partner is when you are ready for a new relationship. No one wants to listen to their partner constantly reminiscing about their ex on a date.

2. Replace blame with observation

When my ex-fiance broke up with me for the second time, I still blamed him. At first, I blamed myself -- I kept thinking about what I could have done to make things worse. Because of this, my body and mind were hurt. I was cruel to myself and my weight dropped to dangerous lows. I think I should change my identity and win him back.

After our last breakup, I stopped blaming myself and decided to take responsibility for what I wanted and what really happened in the relationship. It's not just about me, it's not just about him, it's not just about blaming someone to end the relationship. I started looking at what was important to me, not looking for it. I think about whether my needs are being met, whether I'm stating those needs, what my behavior is. I realized that in a quality relationship, blaming doesn't increase my chances of moving on or finding true love. Instead, I look at who I am and decide what I want to do.

3. Your new date isn't your ex (no comparison!)

We habitually compare new people to their predecessors. In fact, there is no comparison. This often leaves you confused and confused about the situation, which doesn't give new people a chance to start from scratch. For better or worse, your old relationship has nothing to do with your new one, so leave it in the past. Getting to know a new date is like getting to know someone who has the potential to be a good friend. After all, the best relationships stem from friendship, and trying to shape something new to fit what you have (or stay away from it as much as possible) is not allowed. You want to build something new on top of something new. Let go of the frustrations, joys, and experiences you had with your ex and focus on the things you want to do with new people.

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