Why your husband cheat you even if you are an ideal match?

You may be wondering why, as a millionaire woman, your man is still cheating and having sex with another woman. To avoid heartbreak, here are some reasons you need to know about men who cheat.

God bless you, if you find out your man is dating someone else, this is truly heartbreaking news. You have been cheated enough by men so that you are now afraid to fall in love. After you learn about the reasons men cheat, you may be able to find a loyal man to date on the exclusive dating websites for rich women.

They don't realize what they already have

It's the "grass is always greener on the other side of the fence" syndrome: men see other beautiful, sexy women and want to claim them as their own. They ignore what they have right now. They may feel that you don't value them enough and appreciate them enough, so they can't wait to go to the woman who worships them.

Sometimes the act of cheating makes them realize that they are doing well at home. In this case, they may admit their indiscretions or simply focus more on nurturing the relationship with you.

They think it makes them more like men

I don't know where this misguided idea comes from. They proudly tell their friends, "I feel like a real man. I've been cheating on my wife for years, and I've been adored by more attractive women."

In fact, it may even be based on their genes. A study by the University of Queensland shows that people are more likely to stray if they have certain types of oxytocin and vasopressin receptor genes. Vasopressin is a hormone associated with social behavior, including trust, empathy, and sexual bonding.

They want to end the relationship

Some men are not very confrontational. They may not be happy with their relationship, but don't know how to talk about their feelings like a man. Instead, they wander. By pursuing and sleeping with another woman, they are sabotaging their relationship, in fact, they want to be caught. Once they are caught, the relationship will soon end.

They do it because they lack self-esteem

Who doesn't like the feeling of attraction? When a man doesn't get the self-esteem he wants from one woman, he goes looking for it from another.

Healthy people don't seek self-worth and validation from others; It comes from within. If you think your man has low self-esteem and seeks approval elsewhere, realize that you'll never make him feel better and he'll continue to seek approval from other women.

They weren't made for monogamy

Monogamy is not the natural order of things. Think about it. Neanderthals spread their seeds far and wide in order to reproduce the world. There was no concept of a "life partner".

But as humans evolved, with reliable sources of food and shelter, we became more stable, and people started pairing up to find emotional support in having a mate.

So you might think that people only need one soul mate in life, so they spend their whole lives looking for that one. But monogamy isn't for everyone. Fact: one in five single adults has been in an open relationship.

That being said, there is a difference between an open relationship and cheating. In the former case, both parties know that the other person is likely to date or have sex with someone else. It was consensual. Cheating is not. If your man doesn't think he's monogamous, he shouldn't be in a relationship!

They think they can get away with it

If you found a wallet full of money in an empty area, wouldn't you want to keep it for yourself?

For some men, the simple fact that they can cheat and get away with it forces them to do so. If there are no consequences...Why not?

People who cheat because they cheat are not ethical. If you're looking for someone to spend the rest of your life with, you want someone who does the right thing, someone who thinks about your feelings when making decisions that affect both of you.

They don't want to have sex at home

This is a tough question because sex is an important part of a healthy relationship. Men who do not have sex with their partners may seek it elsewhere. But if you don't have sex with your partner, there's a bigger problem. Chances are one or both of you don't know how to communicate what's wrong, so you subconsciously express your frustration through physical and emotional separation.

If you're near the end of your sex life and you're worried about him cheating, talk to him about what went wrong. Try to get back on track. The more time you spend with someone, the more effort you need to put into nurturing your sexual relationship in order to maintain your initial passion and affection for each other.


If your partner cheats on you, you can never really trust him again. Every day when he says he's going to meet friends have parties, go on business trips, you wonder if he's cheating on you. Trust is a very fragile creature, once broken, it is not easily repaired.

Of course, it is also possible that he has learned his lesson and will never cheat again. But when a shadow of doubt hangs over your head, you may never be as happy as you were in the relationship before you knew it.

If you think your relationship can't be repaired, end it! The relationship you are pursuing is not the same. Even if you can pull him back in this communication, the seeds of distrust have already been deeply buried in your heart.

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